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Ways of Listening: Birdsong in Science, Music and Poetry

Learn how to identify birds by their sounds, and explore how scientists, musicians and poets have tried to make sense of the abiding mystery of birdsong.

About the resource

This free creative learning resource includes an audio file (with recordings of birdsong, as well as music, poetry readings and commentary), and an accompanying worksheet with creative learning activities. You can listen anytime, anywhere and in your own way. You can listen at home and then go outside for a walk, or put on some headphones and listen while you’re walking. A full guide to using the resource in the classroom is available for teachers. Two different versions of the resource have been created: one for lower primary children and the other for secondary school pupils. Both versions are accessible and open to any adults who would like to join in!

Teacher’s Guide

Full details and guidance for teachers and educators on using the resources in the classroom and other educational settings.


Visit this page to download the audio file and worksheet for lower primary school pupils ages 5-8 (Primary 2-3/ ‘Key Stage 1’) .


Download the audio file and worksheet for secondary school pupils ages 12 and above.

it made me incredibly aware of (mainly animals) things around me. Even after handing my work in I find I say things like, that beetle has an almost greasy texture

“I feel that my favourite part has been writing our nature poems, because I really enjoyed the challenge of attempting to make it rhyme. It really made me appreciate the world around me

– Pupil Testimonials

Tell us about your way of listening to birdsong

This resource includes creative writing activities that you can do on your own, or with a family member or friend, or with your classmates at school. Send us your creative responses to birdsong and we’ll upload them on our website. Press ‘take part’ to share your writing and see what others have created!

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